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Vision, Mission, Values


CSS Federal’s vision is to continuously strengthen the trust our government has instilled in us, at every opportunity we have.

We are committed to attaining this vision by consistently delivering excellence to our customers and by always leading with innovation, integrity, and trust.


CSS Federal’s mission is to foster better use of technology to the government and its citizens.

We exist to transform the way our customers develop, deliver, and secure digital services. We are motivated to positively impact both our customers and their stakeholders.


CSS Federal’s tagline is “Innovating for Change."

We strongly encourage new ideas, creativity, and lifelong learning in all we do. This emphasis on innovation ultimately benefits not only our customers, but our communities and fellow citizens as well.


At CSS Federal’s core is the desire to continuously strengthen the relationships we have with everyone we meet—our customers, our partners, our communities, and one another. We strive to exceed expectations through practicing transparent, honest, and respectful communication, and caring tremendously about the quality of work we deliver and the impact we make. CSS Federal and every one of its Team of Innovators embraces the following core EAGLE values:



CSS Federal continuously strives to deliver energetic excellence to our customers, partners, communities, one another, and ourselves by exceeding mediocracy and expectations.



As a small business with the advantage of fewer layers, CSS Federal effortlessly responds to change and meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers with remarkable speed, flexibility, and adaptability.



CSS Federal encourages and supports its Team of Innovators in embracing autonomy, seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth, and taking initiative for expanding initiatives, business, and solutions.



CSS Federal is proud to attract and cultivate leaders. We actively seek Innovators with leadership potential and/or the desire to continuously better themselves and how they interact with others. We believe in leading by example.



Education, training, and development is central to the continuation of personal growth for Innovators and for the growth of CSS Federal as an organization. We are committed to delivering excellence, and we love learning to better our abilities, fuel our passion, and expand our minds.

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